Your job…
It’s boring. It’s unrewarding. But it pays the bills…

If only I could do something I really like!
No longer dealing with all those idiots.


…anyway, I gotta get up early tomorrow…

Hey–WAIT! That was an interesting thought!
Doing something else


Let’s do something about it!

Do you realize that there are people who actually wake up each day excited because their gainful activity is actually aligned with who they are? That’s a happy feeling!  Meanwhile, you keep wondering whether living for a two-week summer vacation is worth living… Or maybe you’re just too busy waiting on tables to even think about getting a career?  May be you are thinking of going back to school for an advanced degree?  But how do you know?  How many extra miles are you ready to go to have the market finally respond to who you are and to what you can really do?

You may find yourself at this spot involuntarily.  Right-sizing, cost-cutting, “productivity enhancements,” job-outsourcing–you name it.  Or you may feel burned out, bored, uninspired.  May be you are looking back at sections of your past journey and you now punish yourself for one “bad turn” you took. Don’t take another one.  This journey is easier to undertake with a co-pilot.  And this is where I come in.

You have consulted job boards, but the Internet is literally being clogged with resumes.  Alleged “network expansion” services are no help.  You may have even seen a career counselor who gave you a standardized assessment test, reviewed your answers, and then told you what career would fit your skills and interests.  Interesting as it was, it did not really change your life. Clearly something is missing.  There must be some other way…

We will do it differently!

The recession is taking its toll.  But it can also be viewed as an opportunity.  Nobody is there to tell you what to do.  Instead, on our journey, I help you to explore your own answers.  It is a structured process based on repeated feedback loops and this self-discovery will breathe life and power into your decision-making process.

We will seek your soul’s destination, identify your values, your passions, your motivations, your strengths, your skills, your practical needs and your preferred modes of communication.  We will pay particular attention to those intersections where these inner tendencies crossed with memorable achievements in your professional and educational life. We will look at more effective, authentic, and prosperous ways to live. It is not another computerized answer sheet.  I will be there to help you stay focused.   Slowly, we will discover the available strategies, instruments, and resources for navigating around difficult career issues and dilemmas, from exploring occupations to charting a radical change.

Believe it or not, you’ve actually got some important work to do in this life.


Your frustrations have built over some time and there is no miracle about it: it does take some work to find new motivation. Here are a few of the outcomes you can expect if you and I make a plan for your future.  Using our navigation board we will seek your Soul’s real destination. You will learn how to do:

  • Orientation: Estimating your hidden – or not so hidden – desires and aspirations.  What would you do that you are not doing now?
  • Localization: Assessing your current career and the opportunity costs of inertia
  • Mapping: Review of options and goal-setting
  • Rev-up: Overcoming negativity, fear of change and fear of success
  • Obstacle avoidance: Help to stay on course despite income pressures, red herrings and dreams of certainty
  • Shortest path design: Contingency planning
  • Intersection decisions: Reducing decision anxiety
  • Acceleration: Unleashing creativity

As any voyage of discovery, this exploration will foray into many alternative paths, broad expressways, or lanes better attuned to work-life balance.  But other avenues may emerge as more appealing–a fast lane of starting your own business or a stately boulevard of a partnership that has never dawned on you before.  Gradually, our conclusions will allow us to jointly outline a strategic career search campaign and clutch the fruit of this exploration.

I am your co-pilot and will help you navigate, but you are in the driving seat.  It is important for you to understand that on this journey, your soul has a destination. It’s waiting for you to arrive.

When you are aligned with your soul’s destination, you’re good.  You’re really good.  This is how baroque composer Georg Philipp Telemann wrote a staggering 3,000 compositions, how Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity, and how Roger Federer has transformed tennis by enjoying the daily practice of…tennis playing!

This journey is not a painstaking process of multiple approaches and rejections, but a work of your own design, with its detours, park lanes, spectacular views, and cul-de-sacs where you gently but firmly learn to say ‘No, thank you’.

Stop defaulting to things and tasks that kill your energy and blur your vision.


The program I offer is effective because I provide the support, and direction necessary to liberate you from fatalism and the daily surrender to routine.  It will fill you with courage and enthusiasm, engender creativity and authenticity.   To schedule the first appointment or to inquire about my program, email me now or check out my contact page.

Have you ever felt that career coaching was only for executives, athletes, and celebrities? Not anymore!. People don’t have coaches because they are successful. They are successful because they have coaches. Stop wasting your time. Let’s work together to move forward and build your new career plan in just a few weeks.