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Me, Myself, and My Father-in-Law, or, What I Learned From an $8 Potato

Tweet “I didn’t buy anything.” My father-in-law announced when he walked in the door.  “The potatoes were $3 each!” My husband and I had sent his father to the farmer’s market down the street while he was visiting us a few weeks ago, thinking he’d enjoy a New York shopping experience with the colorful stalls […]

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This Is a Test, This Is Only a Test: When Stress Hits, Overcome Fight or Flight

Tweet Do you remember those creepy transmissions that used to interrupt your favorite TV shows with loud, high-pitched beeps and an ominous monotone voice repeating, “This is a test.  This is only a test”?  Apparently, that was the Emergency Broadcast System’s way of preparing TV viewers in case the government ever needed to quickly convey […]

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The S Word: Cracking Spirituality

Tweet Spirituality. It’s been a buzz word in popular culture for over a century, inspiring myriads of books, movies, and philosophies, as well as curiosity, skepticism, and, even, fear in those left out of the spiritual loop. Spirituality, like anything new, can overwhelm those on the outside looking in. Many confuse spirituality with religion—which can […]

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She Power: Why Strength and Femininity Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

Tweet Today is International Women’s Day: 24 hours dedicated to honoring powerful women across the planet. I’m all over it. I take any opportunity I can to celebrate feminine energy and raise my glass to strong ladies everywhere, which surprises some people who consider the two things—strength and femininity—to be mutually exclusive. Culturally, we are […]

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You’re Not a Fix-’Er-Up: Why Self-Love Isn’t Like Remodeling a Bathroom

Tweet The United States is a very do-it-yourself country.  People here are fixers, remodelers, creators and “Look what I did!”-ers.  We love to fix up our kitchens, make our own baby food, and run our own businesses. In recent years, the fix-it itch has turned inwards.  More than ever, people are interested in how individuals […]

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Addicted to Distractions? Kick the Habit and Put Productivity On Your “To Do” List

Tweet How many windows do you have open right now?  Be honest.  My count is 17.  And that’s not so bad compared to a normal day of life coaching when the bottom of my screen is blinking so blindingly that I have to put minimizing windows on my “To Do” list. What about email?  How […]

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Learn to Speak Her Love Language (Even If She’s Multilingual)

Tweet If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, what language do they speak? (Judging from my experience as a life and relationship coach, I’d say our dialects couldn’t be more different.) In my own marriage, there are days when I try to express something to my husband and I swear it’s as […]

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What Harry Potter Teaches Us About True Love

Tweet Last weekend, I was catching up on a little Oprah –thank goodness for DVR– when I came upon her October interview with J.K. Rowling, the genius behind the Harry Potter franchise. The seven books in the series are full of danger, adventure, and wizardry. But the Queen of the Book Club, Oprah Winfrey herself, […]

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New York life coach helps you to know yourself better ©arvidr

What’s Your Hot Dog Factor?

Tweet “I absolutely HATE those intolerant people!” Notice anything oxymoronic in the above sentence? In a recent session, Julia grumbled that the dating scene in New York was so miserable that she wanted OUT, complaining to me:  “There was this one guy who was really sweet, sensitive, and worldly. But he’s so health conscious that […]

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“I Do” But I Don’t Understand You: The Married Girl’s Guide to Understanding Men – Part 2

Tweet In the first part of this series, I suggested treating marriage licenses more like driver’s licenses, with minimum practice hours and the ability to demonstrate a basic understanding men being bridal prerequisites.  I remember, back when I was learning to drive I became a bit exasperated with the hundreds of 10 MPH practice drives […]

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New York Life coach helps you to feel like a million bucks (or like Angelina Jolie)

Are You Too Tired to Have Angelina Jolie’s Life?

Tweet The other day, a new client walked into my New York Life Coach office. “What do you want to see happen in the next 6 months?” I asked. “I want to be an actress like Angelina Jolie.” She said. “But I’m stuck in a rut. I don’t have energy for anything.” This is frustrating. She […]

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